30 Creative Wellness and Beauty Business Ideas in 2018

Do you want to start a business in the fashion and beauty industry? If YES, find here 50 creative fashion and beauty business ideas for your ready reference.

Undoubtedly, fashion and beauty industry is highly thriving industry throughout the globe. Basically, the increasing fashion consciousness is the major reason or it. People are becoming more image and style conscious day-by-day.

The United States has the largest cosmetics market in the world. The U.S. make-up market is expected to maintain positive growth in coming years. Similarly, the global fragrances and perfumes market is expected to experience positive growth with a compound annual growth rate of 2%.

Skincare is the largest category in the cosmetics industry. The products in the global skincare segment create a $121 billion industry. Hair care products represent a large segment of the beauty market too in the U.S.

One of the major contributors to the beauty and cosmetics industry is premium products. The global premium cosmetics market is expected to grow in coming days. However, the industry is competitive too. Actually, within every six months, you can notice a huge change in the trends. Hence, we can conclude, starting a business in the fashion and beauty industry is highly profitable for the creative entrepreneurs.

List of 30 Creative Fashion & Beauty Business Ideas

#1. Anti Ageing Clinic

Basically, anti-ageing clinics offer various treatments and advice to maintain the good skin even in the older age. The demand for this type of service is very high in the metro cities. Additionally, you will need to provide right advice to your clients. The business demands moderate startup capital investment.

#2. Anti Tan Salon

Tanning is a major problem for the almost every woman who travels outside of the home in the sunlight. And they get a tanned skin for maximum sun exposure. Anti-tan units provide treatment and beauty care regime to get rid of skin tan. The demand for this type of salon is increasing very fast both in the metro cities and small towns.

#3. Barber Shop

If you are a skilled and professional barber, then starting a barber shop is a highly lucrative business for you. Literally, you can open this kind of store both in the small towns and metro cities. Also, you can start the business as a franchise partner of a reputed men’s grooming brand.

#4. Beauty Blogging

If you are a beauty enthusiastic and want to start an online home business, then you can consider starting a beauty blog. However, you must have the dedication, persistence and writing skill. A good quality blog can earn advertising revenues. Additionally, you can also sell the products on your website.

#5. Beauty Magazine

Basically, fashion and beauty magazines are very premium magazines globally. And the magazine with a specific niche audience can earn good advertising revenue. However, this is not an easy business. The business demands strategic planning and substantial capital investment.

#6. Beauty Salon

Actually, any individual can start a beauty salon business in many ways. First of all, you can start a home-based salon business with a small investment. And definitely, you can offer same services from a retail store also. Even, you can offer this service on a mobile basis.

#7. Bindi Making

Designer bindi is an essential beauty product for the women population. And there are various types of bindis available in the market. Women population have replaced traditional kumkum with the decorative designer bindi. Designer bindi making business is profitable. And any individual can start this business from home with a very small capital investment.

#8. Body Piercing

This is another a great business you can start with small capital investment. Nowadays, both the men and women are fond of body piercing. However, you will need to check the licensing issues before starting this business. The business is highly profitable. Additionally, you can earn more revenue through selling pieces of jewellery too.

#9. Cosmetics Retailing

The cosmetics industry holds the major share in the fashion and beauty industry. And you can start cosmetics retailing business in several ways. You can sell from a brick and mortar store. Also, you can consider selling from online marketplaces. Even, you can start cosmetics retailing from your own website and blog.

#10. Designer Blouse & Tops

A blouse is an essential readymade garment for women. Generally, this apparel was popular in the Asia Pacific region in the ancient time. And women used to wear blouse as the daily wear. Nowadays, with the changing fashion style, the designer blouse is increasingly popular globally. And women can drape designer blouse with sarees, lehenga and even with some western outfits.

#11. Embroidery Unit

Embroidery is an ancient needle art. And it is one of the most popular needlework for designer garments making. Additionally, embroidery is very popular in any type of the decorative bag, home decor, and home furnishing industry.

#12. Fitness Club or Center

Fitness and wellness are multi-million dollar industry these days. One out of every five Americans is heading to the gym or at least paying for a membership. And this makes the fitness industry so lucrative. Globally there are over 180,000 fitness clubs, estimated to have earned $84 billion from their 145 million members. The statistic shows enough inspiring data for starting your own fitness club to make money out of it.

#13. Hair Band Making

If you want to start a small scale manufacturing business from home, you can consider this business. With a single and simple machine, you can produce a lot of hair bands at home. Additionally, the raw materials are also available widely. The business demands very small investment.

#14. Hair Removal Service

This is another a great business you can start in the beauty industry. Additionally, you can start the business in several ways. You can start the business at home or on a mobile basis or from a retail store. Every business model has the potential of earning profit and expansion.

#15. Hair Styling Salon

Basically, hair styling salons are beauty salons that attract a niche audience. Hence, the requirement of startup investment is also very less compared to a full-scale beauty salon. If you know hair styling you can start this business on your own.

#16. Image Consulting

Image Consulting is a service industry, a field of work wherein Image Consultants help clients to improve their appearance for personal or professional reasons. Basically, it is the process of creating a positive visual Image.Absolutely, this is an education-based business. And it demands adequate skill, knowledge and a passion for helping others.

#17. Makeup Artist

This is a very self-rewarding career for any individual. You can start the business at home. And at any moment in time, you can consider scaling up. The business is highly profitable. And it ensures high per hour revenue too. You can start the business with almost zero investment.

#18. Manicure & Pedicure Service

This is another a niche service based business you can consider starting in the fashion and beauty industry. The business is easy to start and operate. Additionally, the business demands very small capital investment too. You can offer the service from a retail store or a mobile basis.

#19. Massage Salon

Basically, massage salon comes under the spa and wellness industry. While massage therapists work in a variety of work environments, sole practitioners account for the largest percentage of practising therapists (58 percent). And the therapists work at least part of their time at a client’s home/business/corporate setting. So, you can start the business from a retail store and as well as on mobile basis too.

#20. Mobile Foot Massage Service

Generally, in the mobile foot massage service, you will offer the massage service at your client’s doorstep at his or her convenient time. You can start the business with almost zero capital investment. However, the business demands adequate skill and a passion for making other people well through massage.

#21. Nail Art Shoppe

Nair art is an emerging industry. And the industry is growing very fast. If you want to start a niche business in the fashion and beauty industry, you can consider starting a nail art shoppe of your own. The business demands moderate capital investment and strategic marketing planning.

#22. Nail Polish Making

If you want to start a most profitable manufacturing business in the beauty product industry, then you can consider starting nail polish making business of your own. The business demands upfront startup capital investment for establishing manufacturing unit, procuring raw materials etc. However, the business is highly profitable for the new entrepreneurs.

#23. Paper Jewelry Making

Basically, pearl jewelry comes in semi-precious jewelry. Therefore, people from the different economic classes can afford to wear this type of jewelry on a regular basis. You can start this business at home also. However, the business demands small capital investment for procuring pearls and other equipment and hand tools.

#24. Perfume Retailing

This is another a great retail business you can consider in the fashion and beauty industry. The business is highly profitable. Additionally, you can sell perfumes from both the offline and online store. For an offline proposition, the shop-in-shop or kiosk model works best in this business.

#25. Senior Citizen Clothes Retailing

Senior citizens need the special type of comfortable clothing and dresses. And opening a specialty store for only senior citizens is a highly profitable business. However, the success of this business highly depends on the local demographics of your area. Therefore, a thorough market research is absolute necessity prior to starting this business.

#26. Skin Clinic

Basically, the rising consumer concerns about cosmetic ingredients and their effects shaped the skin care industry on a higher path. Basically, skin clinics offer different types of skin treatments including dermatology. This is a profitable business in the metro cities and urban areas. The business demands small capital investment.

#27. Soap Making

The soap making business is very profitable. And as your business grows, you can scale up at any moment in time. With few equipment and raw materials, you can start this business. Additionally, the business demands a small amount of startup capital investment in starting.

#28. Talcum Powder Making

Talcum powder is a beauty product. However, most of the people use this daily basis. The manufacturing process is very simple. And you can start the business on the small or medium scale basis. Before starting the business, conduct an intensive market survey. Additionally, you must craft a business plan prior to starting this business.

#29. Tattoo Parlor

The interest and fondness for different types of body arts are increasing among the people pf every age group. Therefore, the tattoo industry is increasing very fast these days. The business is quite easy to start. And it demands very small capital investment. However, you must select a good location for this business with other equipment.

#30. Wedding Shoppe

If you are a creative person, you can consider starting a wedding shop of your own. Basically, a wedding shop offers every single item related to weddings. The wide list includes the wedding dresses for brides and grooms, jewelry, wedding rings, shoes etc. The business demands strategic planning and moderate capital investment. You can consider opening a franchise also.

#31. Wigs Retailing

Definitely, the wigs and hairpiece stores industry is Growing. Because the retail spending on wigs and hairpieces rebounds, partly due to product innovation. Continuing this trend, over the next five years, the industry is expected to achieve continued growth as average disposable income rises. Hence, starting a wigs retailing business in just a lucrative opportunity for the entrepreneurs who want to start a business in the fashion and beauty industry.