Top 50+ Profitable Business Ideas for Women With Low Investment

Are women better entrepreneurs? Probably, this is one of the most debatable questions globally. However, women are dedicated and passionate about their profession no doubt.

Nowadays, apart from jobs, entrepreneurship is a highly lucrative opportunity for the female entrepreneurs throughout the globe. Even the housewives and moms can earn handsome money from the home-based businesses. Additionally, you can start some of the businesses with low investment too.

Here in this article, we intend to provide 50 most profitable selected business ideas for the women entrepreneurs. Most of the businesses you can start as part-time. However, if you have the option to work on your business full-time, it’s the best choice to improve your profit potential and possibility of success.

List of 50+ Profitable Business Ideas for Women

#1. Affiliate Marketing

If you want to start a business from the comfort of your home, you can consider this business. Additionally, the business doesn’t demand any sort of upfront capital investment. Simply, with a laptop and internet connection, you can start this business.

#2. Agarbatti Making

If you want to start a product-based business from home, you can consider starting incense sticks making business. Incense sticks are popular globally. Additionally, the product comes with different fragrances. However, the business demands capital investment in procuring equipment, tools and raw materials.

#3. Beauty Salon

If you want to start a small business in the beauty industry, then you can consider starting a salon. Basically, you can open the business in numerous ways according to your investment capacity. Some of the most lucrative propositions are home-based, store operation, franchise etc. Even, you can open with a niche service like manicure pedicure or only hair styling.

#4. Blogging

Undoubtedly, blogging is the best online business one can start from home. If you are passionate about creating informative articles, you can start your own blog. Additionally, the free platforms like WordPress allow people to create and maintain blogs with zero technical skills. For your information, we have created Shineedutech with WordPress.

#5. Cake Shop

Basically, starting a cake shop is a lucrative food retail business. The business is easy to start and manage. Additionally, the cake retailing business is perfect for women entrepreneurs too. Any individual can start this business with taking a minimum risk (finance).

#6. Candle Making

If you enjoy creating beautiful things, you can start the decorative candle making business from home. Generally, decorative and scented candles ensure good revenue to the owners. You can experiment with different types of aroma, colors, and shapes. Also, the business demands very small investment to start.

#7. Consulting

Consulting is one of the best business in the service industry. If you are an expert in any subject and you enjoy giving right pieces of advice, you can start this business with almost zero investment. You can use social media and other online platforms for promoting your business. Also, you can promote your business from your own website or blog.

#8. Cookie Business

If you enjoy baking delicious cookies, you can start a cookie business from home. Basically, health-conscious people always look for homemade cookies for regular eating. Additionally, designer cookies are very good gift items for both the domestic and corporate gifting.

#9. Crafts Making

Are you a creative lady? Do you enjoy creating beautiful crafts? Start home-based crafts making business according to your skill and expertise. The craft industry is huge. And it accounts multi-million dollar in terms of turn over. Additionally, there are several platforms where you can sell your crafts.

#10. Cupcake Business

It is an another home-based baking business you can start right from your kitchen. Basically, the cupcake is a healthy food for all age group of people. You can promote the business locally. Additionally, promote the cupcakes from your own online stores. Also, you can accept large orders for the birthday or any other occasions.

#11. Custom Mobile Cover Printing

If you enjoy creating beautiful designs for mobile covers, you can start this business. With a simple digital printing machine and a computer, you can start this business from home. There are numerous options online where you can promote your product.

#12. Dance Academy

Dance Academy is an obvious business for the professional dancers. Depending on your investment capacity, you can start the academy at home or at a good retail location. However, this type of business demands a wide floor area with the great interior. Start according to your skill and expertise. however, you can scale up the business with the entire range of services.

#13. Day Care

Do you love spending time with children? Then you can consider starting a daycare business even at home. However, a wide suitable location always ensures better revenue. Additionally, the business demands specific licenses and permissions from the Govt. Authority.

#14. Designer Bindi Making

Bindis are popular globally. However, these are most popular in the Asia Pacific countries. Basically, women use bindi on their forehead for the beautification purpose. And bindis come in different patterns, sizes, colors, and work. Additionally, it caters a wide range of price too. Even a Kundan decorated bindi may come with a price of $150.

#15. Designer Blouse Making

Designer blouse and tops have high demand in the women population throughout the globe. However, with some creative fashion sense, you can start the designer blouse making business from home. The business demands good sewing machine and different threads. It is advisable that you do an intensive market research before commencing the business.

#16. DJ

Basically, running a DJ business is a full of fun and activity. On certain nights and holidays, there is high demand for DJs. Additionally, people hire DJs for the both domestic and corporate functions. The business demands networking skill. Additionally, you must have a mindset of working long hours and even whole night.

#17. Domain Flipping

Domains are probably one of the highest valued items in the virtual world. Additionally, the success of eCommerce business somehow depends on the domain name. Therefore, people tend to buy the perfect domain names for their online businesses. You can start a domain flipping business with almost zero investment from home.

#18. Drop Shipping

If you want to start an online product selling business, you can consider dropshipping. However, the business demands startup registrations. In the USA, you will need to obtain the EIN (employer identification number). The dropshipping business demands moderate capital investment. Additionally, it is better to start this business as full-time.

#19. eBay Selling

Basically, eBay is a vibrant worldwide marketplace. Currently, it has a worldwide community of more than 160 million shoppers. You can sell as such anything on eBay from home to earn a handsome money.

#20. eBook Writing

eBook writing and publishing is a very profitable business you can start from home. Additionally, the business doesn’t demand any sort of startup capital investment. You can write eBook of your own. And you can earn revenue from the online publishing companies like Amazon Kindle. Otherwise, you can also write eBooks for others.

#21. Embroidery Business

If you love sewing, you can start making beautiful clothes at home. You can craft embroidery on the dresses, bedsheets, curtains, cushion covers etc. The business demands moderate capital investment for procuring embroidery machine, threads, and computer with some software solutions.

#22. Face Painting & Mehendi Kiosk

If you are an expert of creating face painting and Mehendi work, you can open a kiosk operation. Basically, the face painting is getting immense popularity globally. However, selecting the right location for your business is the most crucial aspect of this business.

#23. Fashion Designing

Becoming a fashion designer demands an educational background of fashion designing courses. Basically, this is the business for the creative ladies entrepreneurs. Additionally, there are numerous approaches you can obtain in starting a fashion designing business. Read More…

#24. Fast Food Restaurant

Fast foods are the most popular foods nowadays. These are relatively cheap and people buy it frequently. Additionally, the business doesn’t demand any specific skill or experience. However, business demands startup capital investment for the both fixed cost and working capital cost.

#25. Finance Consultant

Actually, finance consulting is a self-rewarding profession. More or less, every tax paying citizens always look for the right finance related advice from the reliable persons. As a financial consultant, your primary responsibility is to render right advice to the people for the effective management of finance. In this business, both the individual and the companies may become your clients.

#26. Fitness Center or Gym

This is an ideal business for the fitness enthusiasts. If you enjoy doing workout and know the nitty-gritty of getting a healthy body, you can start this business even from your home. However, opening a fitness center at a good retail location is always a plus. Also, you can consider starting as the franchise of a reputed fitness brand.

#27. Gift Basket 

Gift baskets are the most widely accepted gift items globally. The major reason for its popularity is people can customize the gift according to their preference. Additionally, the demand of customized gift baskets increases in the festive seasons. If you enjoy wrapping beautiful gifts for others, you can consider this business

#28. Graphics Designing

Basically, graphic designing is one of the most profitable businesses for creative women entrepreneurs. Additionally, the business doesn’t demand any sort of startup capital investment. You can start the business with your own computer and internet. You can work for the print house and also for the online clients.

#29. Home Appliances Renting

Do you know home appliances renting is one of the most trending industry these days? Actually, people move around and relocate for professional reasons. And instead of buying hiring appliances is a cost-effective proposition for them. However, the business demands moderate capital investment and right marketing strategy.

#30. Interior Designing

This is an another great business for the creative women who love to work outside of the home. However, if you already have an educational background in interior designing well, otherwise you must attend training classes. You can start the business with very small capital investment.

#31. Jam Jelly Making

Basically, jam and jellies are the delicious processed food that people consume globally. Additionally, the making process is easy. Even, you can produce jam jelly at your kitchen. If you don’t know how to prepare the jam and jelly, a 10 days training session is enough to know the process.

#32. Lace Making

Basically, beautiful laces are the most important things in the designer garments industry. Additionally, these days you can produce gorgeous laces with machines. If you enjoy creative work with needles, you can consider starting a home-based lace making business of your own.

#33. Ladies Tailor

Ladies tailor or alteration service is one of the best home based business for the women. Also, you can start and operate the business as part-time. After getting the confidence in the business, at any moment of time, you can consider scaling up.

#34. Make Money from Facebook

Do you have a Facebook account? Do you know you can earn from your Facebook page? Yes, it is true. You can earn money from Facebook when sitting at the home. So apart from socializing with the friends and relatives, earn money from Facebook.

#35. Make Money with YouTube

There are numerous famous YouTubers worldwide who make handsome money from the channel. And the amount is very inspiring. According to the Wall Street Journal, PewDiePie (A famous youtube channel) earned $4 million in 2013 alone. Hence, there are numerous ways to earn money from YouTube.

#36. Music School

If you are a music lover and you know playing musical instruments, you can consider starting a music school of your own. Broadly, music school comes two different segments. These are vocal or instrumental. Even, you can start the business with one niche segment too.

#37. Nail Art Shoppe

Nail art shop or nail salon is one of the most emerging business worldwide. Actually, the nail salon industry is very steady. Additionally, it provides a constant, consistent revenue stream for nail salon business owners. However, crafting a business plan is mandatory before commencing the business.

#38. Online Teaching

Teaching is one of the noblest professions in this planet. Additionally, teaching is a very suitable profession for the women also. Nowadays, the demand for online teaching services is increasing very fast. And there are several companies who provide an online platform for the both students and teachers.

#39. Party Planning

You can start a successful party planning or event planning business from home. Basically, this business doesn’t demand any sort of startup capital investment. However, you must have networking skill. In addition to that, you must come up with creative ways to promote your party planning business.

#40. Photography

Creative women who love to see the world behind the lens are the born photographer. The photography business is all about catching beautiful moments for your clients. However, overall photography is a vast area. You can start a photography business with some niche segments. These are wedding photography, wildlife photography or fashion photography.

#41. Plant Nursery

A backyard plant nursery is a profitable business for any women. If you have the hobby of gardening, you can transfer your hobby into a profitable venture. Additionally, the low infrastructure cost makes the business revenue-wise more lucrative. Furthermore, you can start this business not only in the metro cities but also in the small towns.

#42. Senior Caring Business

Senior caring or elderly care is a profitable and suitable business for the women entrepreneurs. The demand for this type of services is increasing rapidly. Actually, the population of senior citizens is growing very fast in the developed countries like USA and Canada. And hence, this is the right time for starting a senior caring business today.

#43. Shoe Laundry

Shoe laundry is one of the most trending and profitable business these days. And any women can start this business by various ways according to her budget. Shoe laundry business includes the services of collecting shoes, getting them cleaned and repaired if required, making delivery the shoes at client’s doorsteps and getting the payments.

#44. Soap Making

The demand for organic homemade soaps is always there. These days, the demand is also increasing for several reasons. Basically, the awareness of using harmful chemical soap is the major reason for the growing demand. You can start soap making business from home with small capital investment.

#45. Staffing Agency

Actually, a staffing agency or job placement organization matches employers to employees. Placements can be either short term or long term. Staffing agencies are compensated when they find a qualified candidate and the company hires the individual. The agency will be paid a percentage of the hired individual’s salary.

#46. Stock Photography Selling

If you have a creative eye and good camera, selling stock photography makes an ideal online part time job for anyone. Web designers, publishers, and advertisers are always looking for quality images, and often pay an incredible amount of money to get the perfect images for their projects.

#47. Virtual Assistant

Do you enjoy work from home? Then you can consider starting a virtual assistant business of your own. However, you must have some working experience for starting the business virtually. This is one of the perfect business for women entrepreneurs.

#48. Wedding Consulting

Globally, wedding is a multi-million dollar industry. And the potential of this industry is growing fast both in the developed and developing countries. If you love to do detail-oriented work for others, you can consider starting a wedding consulting business.

#49. Writing

Nowadays, quality content is one of the most important things both in the print and digital media. If you are a passionate writer or you can create good informative content on specific subjects, you can consider starting a writing business from home.

#50. Wood Working

Woodworking is comparatively an easy business to start with small startup capital investment. If you can initiate the business at home, then only investment aspects are some hand tools and wood as raw materials. However, you may need to have some other items from decoration purpose.

#51. Worm Farming

If you want to start an eco-friendly business from home, then you can consider starting worm farming business. However, you must have some space in the backyard for the farming operation. The business is very easy and demands very small capital investment.

Women are passionate and flexible. Additionally, they are well prepared financially. However, to be a successful women entrepreneur, you must be confident enough to surround yourself with confident and successful people.