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Do you have a passion for writing and language?  Copy editor job is little different compared to a job of a writer. The job of a copy editor is primarily to proofread content from other writers and ensuring the content is free of spelling and grammar mistakes. A copy editor should never rewrite the work of others. Many people think copy-editing is largely a matter of checking spelling, punctuation and grammar. These are basic, of course, so if you are vague about grammar, unsure how to punctuate or weak on spellings, this is not the job for you.copy editor

Copy editors save writers a lot of time.Working through the material, the copy-editor corrects errors in spelling, punctuation, grammar, style and usage, but also very long sentences and overuse of italic, bold, capitals, exclamation marks and the passive voice. The demand of copy editors are always high in the publishing world. If you have the expertise, there will be no dearth of jobs for you as copy editor.

Skills Required to be a Copy Editor

You will need to have a good understanding of the language you are copy  editing for. You’ll also need to have some good examples of some before. You can show those work to potential clients.

Start Up Cost Required to be a Copy Editor

No investment is required to work as a copy editor job. However, having a blog with some sample work will help you in promoting your services more to the clients.

How Much a Copy Editor can Earn  

Some of the best copywriters can make in excess of $100/hr or more. The amount you can charge will ultimately depend on your skill and experience.

Copy editing is a profitable part time job for those with a passion for writing and the love of details. There is plenty of work to go around, especially when you can establish close relationships with clients who provide a steady stream of work to you.