Top 8 Internet Based Small Business Ideas – Big List

Are you looking for innovative internet based small business ideas on internet services related field? Are you interested to start a business in internet related industry  with small investment. Here is a big list of innovative internet based small business ideas on internet services related business sector.

These business opportunities can be initiated as small scale basis and also as part time basis.

internet based small business ideas

Top Internet Based Small Business Ideas on Internet & Technology Services – Innovative List

#1. Start an eCommerce store

eCommerce store business has opened a big business avenue in   internet business. It is one of the top most internet business idea buzzing in the minds of new age entrepreneurs. Nowadays you can get an easy to use, fully functional eCommerce store design for as little as $14 per month. You don’t even  need hosting provider. Shopify is one such eCommerce platform where you can start your eCommerce store without hassles.  You need to concentrate only on marketing aspect of your business.

#2. e-Wallet

The idea is not that new. People can use their mobile phone or some other handheld device as a wallet so that they don’t have to carry cash. Wireless money can be transfered between accounts and people would never have the requirement of paper money thus also being eco-friendly. It has been underdevelopment but it can be made more accessible.

#3. Software Development

You can develop and create new computer software for your client.

#4. Virtual Assistant

The job description of virtual assistant revolves around mainly in providing administrative and business support to business owners.

#5. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is all about selling company’s products and services on your website. You get a commission when someone buys from your promotion.

#6. Domain Flipping

Domains are property in the internet just like land or apartments in real estate. Domain buying and selling is quite a lucrative business idea for long term investment. You have to choose and buy domains and sell it at a higher price when anyone wants to buy from you.

#7. Clixsense

It is needless to mention  that there are a few scopes where a person can make money without any limitation. Through Clixsense you can make at least 5400/- monthly by spending only 3 hours a day on your PC or Smart Phone.

#8. Build Apps for mobile platforms

You need to know basic coding is required for this idea to implement. However earning potential is big in this business.iOS and Android are the leading Mobile platforms. iOS needs an investment to become an Application developer though the kit for android is free.

These are the top internet based small business ideas and opportunities which you can consider to start. Analyse and choose the right business idea which fits you most and start your own business right now. Best of luck!