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If you have a creative eye and good camera, selling stock photography makes an ideal online part time job for anyone. Web designers, publishers, and advertisers are always looking for quality images, and often pay an incredible amount of money to get the perfect images for their projects.

Selling Stock Photography Business Plan

stock photographyThere are two approaches you can take toward this selling stock photography online part time job, and one way is more profitable than the other:

1. Sell your images through existing online stock photo agencies

There are a handful of established online stock photo agencies that are eager for your photos. Two of the biggest (Shutterstock and Dreamstime) are good agencies for new contributors to work with.

All you have to do is upload your photos and images, they will select which ones they want, and then they will advertise them for sale. The images will sell over and over again to web designers, article publishers, and advertisers. After taking a small commission, you will get the rest. This is a very easy and totally hands-off type of online part time job.

2. Build your own website and sell images yourself

Although this is going to be much more work than simply uploading your photos to existing websites (as described above). However, the potential monetary rewards can be tremendous. This is because if you choose to run your own eCommerce store, you are in charge. You can control every aspect of this online business, right down to how much to charge (and earn) for each photo. As your website grows, this type of control is very powerful – you can basically create your own paycheck!  And the best part is that you can also recruit other photographers to upload their photos to your site – a total win-win situation!

For a really good example of an illustrator who has his own site and successfully sells his own images, check out Norebbo’s stock illustration store. To make things easy, he didn’t actually build the site himself – it’s a pre-made store template from


You’ll need a camera (or design software) – and at least an ounce of creativity. You don’t  have to be a rock-star artist to make this a profitable online job.


If you already have a good camera, there are no start-up costs for this online part time job. Keep in mind that start-up costs will increase if you choose to run your own store.


Some of the best stock photographers and illustrators make as much as $100,000 per year. The trick is to sell content that is in demand (like pictures of people and complex vector illustrations). Basic images like images of flowers and nature don’t sell very well. You have to be creative!