50 Business Ideas for Small Towns and Rural Areas that work in 2018

Do you live in small towns or rural areas? And looking for businesses that work? Find here a list of business ideas for small towns and rural areas that work.

Definitely, all ideas that might work in metro cities will not work in small towns as well. On the other hand, there are some businesses that work best in rural areas and villages. So, it is extremely important selecting a right business according to your location.

Both in the developed and developing countries small towns are emerging markets. The increasing spending capacity and demand for good living are the major reasons behind that. However, there are several crucial aspects that you must consider before initiating a business in small towns or rural areas.

5 Things to Consider in Starting a Business in Small Towns

  1. First of all, you must understand the demographics of your area and their specific need. Accordingly, you will need to offer the products or services.
  2. Secondly, it is important to identify the spending capacity.
  3. Check whether your business will be localized or not. As an example, if you want to start an online business, then you may not think about your local demographics. Because in an online business whole world can be your business territory.
  4. When selecting the products or services, understand whether it is a need-based item or lifestyle item. Because you need to craft the business plan accordingly.
  5. Finally, you must consider your personal capacity. It includes your investment capacity, how much time you can provide, what specific skill you have etc.

List of 50 Business Ideas for Small Towns & Rural Areas

1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate programs are the best way of making money online. Additionally, this is a highest paying option online. Furthermore, in affiliate programs, you have the full control of your income. Your earnings only depend on how much you sell from the affiliate.

#2. Agarbatti Making

Agarbatti or incense sticks are the consumer goods in many countries. If you want to start a small manufacturing business, you can consider this business. The business requires small capital investment and a small covered area for unit operation.

#3. Answering Service

Starting an answering service business is one of the most profitable ideas for business you can start from home. This low cost home-based answering service business provides enjoyment in work without much stress.

#4. Auto Detailing

Auto detailing business is a good way to make extra big money with low investment. Startup costs are low and earning potential is very high.

#5. Bakery

The bakery is an evergreen business. And still highly lucrative. Actually, bakery comes under the food processing segment. The size of the business depends on the production quantity and product line. The business is comparatively easy to start.

#6. Bathtub Refinishing

Any individual can start this business both on the part-time or full-time basis. So, if you already have a job then also you can consider this opportunity. You can start and run the bathtub refinishing business as a home-based.

#7. Blogging

Creating blog is extremely SIMPLE and it does not require any coding skills (HTML). In fact, the whole process is somewhat automatic. Irrespective of your age you can start creating a blog.

#8. Cactus Arrangements

Basically, growing and selling cactus arrangements are profitable business globally. Actually, any individual can start and operate this business with small capital investment. Even, if you already have a job and you are looking for a part-time opportunity, then also you can consider this business.

#9. Cake Shop

Basically, starting a cake shop is a lucrative food retail business. The business is easy to start and manage. Additionally, the cake retailing business is perfect for women entrepreneurs too. Any individual can start this business by taking a minimum risk (finance).

#10. Candle Making

A candle making business from home is a very lucrative money making an option for any individual. Especially, it is a good money making an idea for housewives, moms and even for the students. Definitely, you can earn some extra money or side income from this home-based business. However, in starting the business, you need some resources for knowing the ins and outs of the business.

#11. Chalk Making

Basically, small towns are the perfect location for starting small-scale manufacturing business. And chalk making is such a business that you can start from home and with a small investment. Basically, chalks are essential items in the educational and tailoring sectors.

#12. Charter Helicopter Service

Starting a helicopter company is not everyone’s cup of tea. Actually, the business demands a lot of investment towards procuring the copter, licensing and maintenance. Additionally, the business demands a right marketing strategy and fund for implementing that.

#13. Cleaning Business

Any individual can start a cleaning business from home. Additionally, this business demands the very small capital investment initially. Furthermore, the cleaning industry offers a wide range of business opportunities.

#14. Cookie Business

Most of the people prefer cookies. And it is always better if anyone can purchase delicious and good quality cookies from home. If you are a passionate cookie maker and want to start a cookie business with small capital investment, this business is just perfect for you.

#15. Cue Sports Business

Actually, cue sports or cuesports are popular as billiard sports. Basically, it is a skill game. And people play it with a cue stick to strike billiard balls on the cloth-covered billiards table. Broadly, there are three different types of cue sports.

#16. Cupcake Business

Any individual can start this business on a part-time or full-time basis. Additionally, this business is perfect for women entrepreneurs, housewives, and moms. Even, students can earn a handsome money from a cupcake-making business.

#17. Custom Mobile Cover Printing

The business is all about printing images on the smartphone covers as per your client’s specification. And you can operate the business entirely online from an eCommerce store. Additionally, you can operate the business from a retail location too.

#18. Designer Bindi Making

Designer bindi making business is profitable. And any individual can start this business from home with a very small capital investment. However, he or she must have a creative mind and a dedication towards the crafting the bindi.

#19. Designer Blouse Making

Nowadays, with the changing fashion style, the designer blouse is increasingly popular globally. And women can drape designer blouse with sarees, lehenga and even with some western outfits. If you are passionate about creating designs and patterns, then this business is just perfect for you.

#20. Disposable Paper Plate Making

Any individual can start this business as the small, medium and large-scale basis. However, depending on your investment capacity, you must plan the business size. From the same unit, you can produce disposable bowls and glasses also.

#21. Dropshipping

Drop shipping business is a specific method of online selling. And here you don’t need to store the inventory. There are some drop shipping service providers in the market. And they do the all hard work on behalf of you when you get orders. However, they will charge fees for the services.

#22. Embroidery Unit

Starting an embroidery business is a perfect opportunity in the small towns. Additionally, if you want to start with low-cost, you can consider starting as home-based too. In most of the cases, embroidery units work for their clients who are in the garment industry.

#23. Envelope Making

A fancy envelope making business is a financially viable opportunity. Additionally, the business has enough potential for expansion also. With simple machinery and raw materials, you can make and sale the envelopes for money.

#24. Exercise Book Manufacturing

Basically, exercise books are the essential items for the students. Even in this digital era, every educational institution uses this item. You can start the business with a small investment. And even, if you have space, you can start operation from home also.

#25. Fish Farming

Actually, starting a fish farm ensures good returns. Additionally, depending on the personal capacity, one can start this business of any size. Even, if you don’t have a waterbody, then also you can start different types of fish rearing at home.

#26. Flower Farming

First of all, let us discuss what is floriculture all about. Mainly, floriculture consists of cut flowers, pot plants, cut foliage, seeds bulbs, tubers, rooted cuttings and dried flowers or leaves. Nowadays, floriculture has become one of the important commercial trades in Agriculture.

#27. Ginger Garlic Paste Making

Basically, ginger garlic paste is ready to cook item. It comes under the FMCG segment. The shelf is higher when stored in the refrigerator. Actually, ginger and garlic are two important spice for cooking many foods including non-veg items. Nowadays, the product has huge popularity throughout the globe.

#28. Healthcare Related Business

Healthcare is an evergreen industry with full of opportunities. Basically, the industry offers a wide range of businesses for the entrepreneurs. Additionally, depending on your investment capacity and skill, you can explore any healthcare business as low-cost or cash intensive business model.

#29. Home Appliances Renting

Basically, home appliances renting is the perfect opportunity in the growing small towns. Home appliance renting business is all about providing the different home appliances including furniture and electronic equipment to the clients in exchange for a monthly specific rent.

#30. Home Based Beauty Salon

A beauty salon or beauty parlor is an establishment providing cosmetic treatments for men and women. Other variations of this type of business include hair salons and spas.

#31. Jet Ski Rental

Basically, the jet ski is a popular water sports activity. Additionally, it comes under the adventure sports segment. Actually, the jet ski is the brand name of a Japanese personal watercraft manufacturing company Kawasaki.

#32. Jute Bag making

Actually, jute is a long, soft, shiny vegetable fiber. It is also popular as ‘Golden fiber’. And currently, it is one of the strongest of all natural fibers available throughout the globe. Also, the jute fiber is reusable and biodegradable.

#33. Livestock Farming

Basically, livestock products are the major source of animal protein for human consumption. In addition to that, we get other important materials from livestock. These are wool, skin, bones etc. And definitely, small towns are the perfect location for starting a livestock business.

#34. Online Business

If you want to make money online, then there are several legitimate opportunities you can consider. However, starting an online business demands adequate research, understanding your product and target demographics.

#35. Papad Making

Basically, people consume papad as taste enricher with the main course and as a snack item. It is nutritious as well as tasty. Generally, one can consume papad as fried or roasted. The shelf life of papad is 2½ to 3 months.

#36. Paper Bag Making

Nowadays, paper carry bags have the versatile use. Additionally, these bags also help in promoting brands of the product-based companies. The manufacturing process is not complex. The business demands a small space for operation.

#37. Paper Clip Making

If you are searching for a home-based small-scale business opportunity, then you can consider this one. Basically, it is a low-cost business. And generate good revenue for self-employment as well as small business. Additionally, at any moment of time, you can expand your small venture too.

#38. Paper Jewelry Making

Actually, with different types of papers and simple hand tools, you can create beautiful jewelry. There is no need for machinery. Additionally, a home-based operation allows you to work in the fractured time hours.

#39. Party Rental

Nowadays, rental industry is growing rapidly. And party rental is such a business that you can start both as part-time or full-time. And definitely, it helps to enhance your monthly income even when you are in a job.

#40. Plant Nursery

If you have some space in your backyard, you can start this business with a small startup capital investment. Additionally, this is a lucrative income opportunity for the housewives, moms, and students also.

#41. Pottery Business

Pottery making as a hobby in an amateurish way is a completely different thing than starting a commercial business. Statistically, the majority of all small businesses-pottery and otherwise-fail within their first five years of operation. Definitely, the pottery business demands proper business planning and exploring different marketing avenues.

#42. Sewing Business

A home-based sewing business eliminates the upfront investment of securing a retail space and the cost of employees. As your business grows, you can scale up the business at any moment of time. Moreover, this type of business allows you to start a venture with taking a minimum risk (financial investment).

#43. Shoe Laundry

Shoe laundry business includes the services of collecting shoes, getting them cleaned and repaired if required, making delivery the shoes at client’s doorsteps and getting the payments.

#44. Soap Making

The soap making business is very profitable. And as your business grows, you can scale up at any moment in time. With some equipment and raw materials, you can start this business. Additionally, the business demands a small amount of startup capital investment in starting.

#45. Staffing Agency

A staffing agency or job placement organization matches employers to employees. Placements can be either short term or long term. Staffing agencies are compensated when they find a qualified candidate and the company hires the individual.

#46. Travel Related Business

Actually, travel and tourism are the evergreen industry on this planet. Broadly, you can categorize the industry in two segments. These are domestic and international travel. The U.S. travel and tourism industry generate over $1.5 trillion in economic output these days.

#47. Tutoring Service

Basically, any educated individual can initiate a private tutoring business from home with almost zero investment. Additionally, the business has enough potential of generating good revenue. Definitely, it is an easy business. Even, students, women, moms, and housewives can start this business from home.

#48. Videography Business

Nowadays, Videography opens enormous business opportunities for both amateurish and professional video producers. And online users are showing more interest in videos than content these days. So, if you have the videography skill and some basic equipment for producing quality videos, then you can consider starting a videography business.

#49. Wedding Videography

If you already in the photography or videography industry, then starting a wedding videography business is quite natural for you. However, if you are a beginner and want to start this business then you can take help of online videography courses. 

#50. Woodworking

Woodworking is comparatively an easy business to start with small startup capital investment. If you can initiate the business at home, then only investment aspects are some hand tools and wood as raw materials. However, you may need to have some other items from decoration purpose.

Nowadays, small towns and even village areas are the lucrative locations for starting a business. Additionally, you may face less competition and market saturation when you start the business in small towns.